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45 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit in 2023

45 Easy Christmas Crafts to Make and Sell for Profit in 2023

Crafting for Christmas has always been a festive favorite. But did you know it can also be a lucrative venture? As the holiday season approaches, people are on the lookout for unique and personalized gifts. But, which Christmas crafts to sell?

Handmade personalized crafts, the ones made with laser cutting and engraving machines, can be an easy and efficient solution. Modern laser cutting tools allow you to achieve the intricate designs and precise patterns required for making Christmas crafts.

If you’re looking to make your Christmas festive and financially rewarding, this article has got you covered. We will explore 45 easy Christmas crafts to make and sell for a profit in 2023. Be it traditional ornaments or contemporary decor, we capture the essence of Christmas allure.

Christmas Crafts To Sell At Craft Fairs And Markets

Christmas shopping often kicks off at markets and craft fairs, which are bustling hubs for festive decor transactions. But which items truly shine at these venues? Our following list dives right into these top sellers.

1. Decorative Christmas Charcuterie Board

Christmas crafts to sell: decorative charcuterie board

©Paul via ZBAITU Projects

Imagine a cutting board specially designed for Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve. This ZBAITU project showcases a unique Christmas-themed cutting board. Made with acacia wood using ZBAITU Z40. It’s a blend of tradition and creativity, perfect for those festive cheese and meat spreads.

2. Days Until Christmas Display

Christmas crafts to sell: days until Christmas display

©comp56 via ZBIATU  Projects

The excitement of counting down to Christmas is real, especially when you have a heart full of festive spirit. This Christmas craft to sell comes with a display made from birch and a slate coaster, where you can update the remaining days with chalk.

Now, is the best time to sell this Christmas board, as Christmas is a hundred and sixteen days away from today.

3. Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell 

Christmas ornaments to make and sell

©liquidhandwash via Instructables.com

Crafting small and stylish Christmas ornaments has become much easier, thanks to laser cutting machines. From delicate snowflakes to detailed Christmas trees, there’s nothing you cannot create with ZBAITU

Imagine having ornaments in various shapes like stars, bells, or even personalized names. The material choices are vast too. You can opt for classic wood, elegant acrylic, or even durable metal. With such versatility, every Christmas tree can tell a unique story.

4. Merry Christmas Freestanding Wooden Sign 

Christmas crafts to sell: merry Christmas freestanding wooden sign

©Luckandluck – Etsy

Picture this: A wooden sign, standing proudly in your living room, proclaiming “Merry Christmas” in elegant letters. A freestanding sign is a festive addition to any home décor or any crafts store.

Made from 12mm MDF, it offers a choice of colors to match your holiday theme. It is a simple yet impactful way to spread holiday cheer in your home.

5. Festive Earrings

Christmas crafts to sell: festive earrings

©AlpineSkyDesigns – Etsy

Dangle a bit of holiday magic from your ears with these laser-cut Christmas tree earrings. Their lightweight design ensures comfort, while the intricate tree pattern stands out, making them one of the hot-selling Christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs.

Whether you are attending a Christmas party or just desire to infuse holiday spirit into your daily attire, these earrings are a perfect pick. Download their digital file today to make and sell them!


6. Santa Countdown Advent Calendar

Christmas crafts to sell: Santa countdown advent calendar

©CutTheWood – Etsy

Anticipation is half the fun of Christmas, and this wooden calendar amplifies that joy. It features a cheerful Santa face, with numbered slots to mark each day leading up to Christmas. It is different from an ordinary countdown calendar; it is an interactive décor piece that brings the family together, building excitement with each passing day. 

It is one of the most trending Christmas crafts to make and sell; it may be the one that can make you rich this season.

7. Personalized Acrylic Christmas Place Cards 

Christmas crafts to sell: decorative acrylic place cards

©FranJohnsonStore – Etsy

These place cards are a great way to elevate your Christmas dining experience. Each card, shaped like a classic Christmas tree, can be cut with a guest’s name, adding elegance and personalization to your table setting.

Crafted from high-quality acrylic, these cards shimmer under the soft glow of candlelight, creating a magical dining atmosphere. 

Here’s a crafting tip: Laser cutting machines, like ZBAITU S60, are best suited (to use in craft stores) to create these personalized place cards. Download its laser cut file, gather materials, and give your consumers a live experience of laser crafting.

8. Personalized Engraved Glassware For Christmas

Christmas crafts to sell: personalized engraved glassware

©MyPersonalMemories – Etsy

The festive season calls for special moments, and what better way to cherish them than with personalized glassware? You can create a collection of drinkware with holiday-themed messages engraved with laser machines.

You may take wine glasses, mugs, or jars made for those homemade treats and add a festive touch to the charm. They are perfect for use at Christmas parties, family reunions, or romantic evenings.

9. Pattern Rolling Pins

Christmas crafts to sell: pattern rolling pins

©ImpressBakeWare – Etsy

Baking gets a festive twist with these patterned rolling pins. Imagine the kids’ delight when they get gingerbread cookies imprinted with delightful Christmas designs. They are a baker’s dream and sure hit for holiday treats.

10. Personalized Rubber Stamps For Christmas Gift Tags, Cards, And Wrapping

Christmas crafts to sell: personalized rubber stamps

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

Want to engrave rubber? Nothing better than laser machines. Stamp your way into the holiday spirit with these rubber stamps. They are perfect for customizing gift tags, cards, and wrapping. Each stamp brings a personal touch, making every Christmas gift even more special.

11. “Something You Want” Gift Tags 

Christmas crafts to sell: something you want gift tags

©MeganBeaudrieDesigns – Etsy

These are Christmas gift tags with catchy phrases like “Something You Wear”, “Need”, "Want”, and "Read.". They are perfect for categorizing gifts, and making the holiday season organized and fun. 

Purchase and download their digital files and let the ZBAITU laser machines do the rest of the crafting job.

12. Laser Cut Christmas Window Decals

Christmas crafts to sell: laser cut window decals

©HobbyLaserDesignArt – Etsy

These intricate window decals bring the winter wonderland right to your home. They can transform your windows or walls, giving them a festive flair.

And the best part? It’s a digital download, available in various file formats like CDR, SVG, DXF, AI, and PDF. So, you can get started on your holiday decorations and craft business right away.

13. Christmas Favors Wooden Tealight Holders

Christmas crafts to sell: wooden tealight holders

©WeddingSpecialitiesUK – Etsy

Set the mood right this festive season with these enchanting wooden tealight holders. Meticulously crafted, they serve as the ideal nest for your candles, radiating a gentle, heartwarming glow.

Their rustic charm complements any décor and makes them an essential addition to your Christmas crafts to make and sell.

14. Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas tree garland

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

This paper garland, adorned with delightful Christmas trees, is a testament to sustainable festivity. It effortlessly marries traditional holiday vibes with a fresh, modern aesthetic.

Intrigued by its charm? It is nothing complex, just laser cut some Christmas tree designs out of colored paper, and hold them with a thread to form a Christmas garland.

15. Christmas Coasters

Christmas crafts to sell: engraved coasters

©Rosial Lee via ZBIATU Projects

Elevate your festive beverage experience with these captivating rock coasters from ZBIATU. Beyond their practicality, they boast intricate holiday-themed designs that promise to be one of the saleable Christmas crafts at craft fairs.

Whether it’s a cup of cocoa or a glass of mulled wine, these coasters make your surfaces remain clean.


Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make And Sell

Wooden crafts exude a timeless charm. For Christmas, they offer warmth and rustic elegance. From tabletop decorations and tree ornaments to centerpieces and lightboxes, wood transforms festive decor.

Let’s explore the magic of wooden Christmas crafts, and see the profitable crafts you can make out of wood.

16. 3D Christmas Tree Tabletop Decorations

wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell: 3d Christmas tree tabletop decorations

©Ranellfoxhaven via ZBIATU Projects

A festive centerpiece that’s hard to overlook! Made with durable wood, it stands tall, bringing a rustic charm to any space. The interlocking design ensures stability, while the detailed cutouts cast beautiful shadows when illuminated.

Perfect for dinner tables, mantels, or office desks, these tree decorations are a delightful way to spread holiday cheer.

17. Classic Merry Christmas Door Hangers

wooden Christmas crafts: merry Christmas door hanger

©TealMoonCreation – Etsy

This classic ‘Merry Christmas’ door hanger is the epitome of holiday warmth. Its classic design complements any door color and style while its solid wood construction ensures that it will keep its charm for years to come.

The bold lettering is easily visible from a distance, ensuring that your festive spirit is on full display. Whether it’s for your home or a gift for a loved one, this door hanger is a charming way to celebrate the season.

18. Wooden Reindeer Personalized Place Names

wooden Christmas crafts: wooden reindeer place names

©PrettyPersonalizedUK – Etsy

These wooden reindeer place names are a delightful touch to any festive table setting. Crafted from oak, each reindeer is carefully engraved with a guest’s name, making it a memorable keepsake for years to come.

Imagine the surprise on your guests’ faces when they spot their names on these charming reindeer!

19. Wooden Christmas Ornaments to Make and Sell

wooden Christmas ornaments to make and sell

©WoodandWonderStore – Etsy

With Christmas-inspired designs, wooden ornaments bring a seasonal ambiance to any Christmas tree. From intricately designed Christmas tree keys and layered baubles to whimsical wooden hangings, these ornaments capture the essence of a traditional holiday. They are timeless pieces that can be passed down through generations.

20. Pop-up 3D Christmas Card

wooden Christmas crafts: pop-up 3d Christmas card

©MissFortune via ZBAITU Projects

This isn’t another average Christmas card. Crafted from wood, this 3D pop-up card showcases a festive scene that stands upright, without any glue. The complex design, from the cat to the tree, makes it a standout piece.

This is another ZBAITU, made accurately and precisely with the ZBIATU Z40. It’s a card that’s sure to be displayed prominently and cherished by its recipient.

21. Christmas Wreath With Wooden Inserts

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: wreath with wooden inserts

©Weather Free Designs – Etsy

This unique piece marries the lushness of traditional greenery with the distinct charm of wooden inserts. The result is a wreath that’s not merely decorative but a statement of holiday warmth and rustic elegance.

Whether gracing your front door or adorning an indoor wall, this wreath promises to be a conversation starter.

22. Personalized Wooden Christmas Light Box Frame

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: wooden light box

©LisaAngleLTD – Etsy

As the nights grow longer, this personalized wooden light box offers a heartwarming glow. Beyond its illuminating beauty, it is the personal touches that stand out. Each frame is meticulously crafted, with laser-cut messages resonating with the holiday spirit.

Whether it’s a festive quote, a family name, or a heartfelt Christmas greeting, this lightbox spotlights your sentiments.

23. “Nativity” Scene In Long Frame 

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: nativity scene in long frame

The story of Christmas vividly unfolds in this meticulously crafted "Nativity" scene, housed in a sleek long frame. Available on ZBAITU, this piece transports viewers to that sacred night in Bethlehem.

Each silhouette within the frame showcases artistry and devotion. Adorn your Christmas craft shop with this chic frame and captivate potential buyers.

24. Wooden Deer Napkin Ring

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: wooden deer napkin rings

©BerandRoseYork – Etsy

Imagine sitting around a festive dinner table where each set is decorated with a wooden deer napkin ring. These rings are personalized and carved with precision, capturing the essence of the holiday spirit. The deer, a symbol of grace and gentleness, brings a touch of nature to your dining experience. It’s a great way to enhance the overall feel of festive events. 

25. Wooden Snowflake Gift Tags

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: wooden snowflake gift tags

©BerandRoseYork – Etsy

Personalized with names, these snowflakes serve dual purposes. Initially, they elegantly label your Christmas presents, ensuring each gift finds its rightful owner. But their utility extends beyond the unwrapping. Once the gifts are opened, these snowflakes transform into charming Christmas tree ornaments.

26. Christmas Village

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas village

Another ZBAITU, aimed to bring together the families at Christmas. The idea is for families to assemble it together, making it a collective endeavor. One of the standout features is the gazebo, which, when assembled, can house an LED tealight.

It is built out of wood using ZBAITU; you can recreate the experience for your family with the same tool.

27. Personalized Santa Stop Here Door Hanger

wooden Christmas crafts to sell: personalized Santa stop here door hanger

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

Santa needs guidance on Christmas Eve, and what better way than a crafted sign? This door hanger, personalized to perfection, beckons Santa to your home. This artistic piece radiates the festive charm, right from the door entrance. 

An excellent DIY craft to make and sell before the Christmas parties begin.

Christmas Crafts For Adults To Make And Sell

Christmas is that magical time of year when adults can truly let their creative flags fly. They can design decor crafts that not only beautify their homes but also have the potential to be bestsellers. 

Are you wondering which crafts might catch the eye of eager buyers? Well, we have got you covered. Here is a curated list of adult crafts, which can be made through ZBAITU laser cutters. Whether for personal use or to sell, these crafts are sure to make a statement this festive season.

28. Apron with Mrs. Claus on the Front

Christmas crafts to sell: apron with mrs. claus on the front

Embrace the festive spirit while cooking with this Mrs. Claus-themed apron. Featured on ZBAITU, it is a delightful blend of utility and festivity.

Donning this apron ensures you are the star of your Christmas kitchen, spreading joy with every dish. It’s one of the crafts that would readily sell in kitchenware stores.

29. Engraved Spatula Gifts

Christmas crafts to sell: engraved spatulas

Turn your culinary skills up a notch with these engraved spatulas. Each spatula is designed in the festive theme, with a personalized engraved name on it. This makes it an excellent Christmas gift craft. 

Whether gifting to in-laws or dear friends, these kitchen tools combine practicality with festive flair.

30. Custom Christmas T-Shirts 

Christmas crafts to sell: custom Christmas tshirts

These Christmas shirts, tailored to individual preferences, offer a canvas to showcase heartwarming holiday messages. Whether you are attending a Christmas party or enjoying a cozy evening by the fireplace, these tees become an extension of your festive mood. With multiple design possibilities, they are perfect for creating lasting holiday memories.


31. Santa's Cookie Board

Christmas crafts to sell: Santa's cookie board

The age-old tradition of leaving cookies out for Santa gets a delightful upgrade with Santa's cookie board. The intricate designs and detailed engravings make it the ideal platter for those scrumptious cookies. This artistic piece adds magic to that special night when children eagerly wait for Santa’s arrival.

32. Christmas Song Sign

Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas song sign

The melodies of Christmas have a way of lingering in our hearts, evoking memories of joyous celebrations. This Christmas song sign pays tribute to these classic tunes. Crafted from durable MDF wood, it encapsulates the essence of beloved carols. 

It’s more than a decorative piece; it’s a journey down memory lane that reminds us of snowy evenings and the comfort strains of holiday music.

33. Candy Cane Hanger Christmas Countdown

Christmas crafts to sell: candy cane hanger Christmas countdown

Anticipation builds as Christmas approaches, and what better way to mark the days than with a Candy Cane Hanger Countdown? This wooden piece, hand-painted with acrylic paint markers, becomes a cherished part of the Christmas tradition. 

It is another countdown craft on our list, slightly different from the ones we looked at earlier. In this unique craft, the counting starts with candy canes, which remind us of the joy and excitement that the festive season brings.

34. Light-Up Christmas Decorations 

Christmas crafts to sell: illuminated engraved glass bottle

Illuminate your festive celebrations with these radiant light-up decorations. They are different from typical holiday lights; they are a fusion of artistry and technology, casting a warm glow that captures the essence of the holiday spirit.

Perfect for setting the mood during those chilly December nights, these decorations are a beacon of Christmas cheer.

35. Christmas Sleigh Table Décor

Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas sleigh table decor

Crafted with laser cutter precision, this sleigh is a conversation starter. It evokes memories of snowy landscapes, jingling bells, and the magic of Santa’s midnight ride.

Place it on your dining table or mantle, and let it spread Christmas magic throughout your home.

36. Christmas Tree Stand Décor

Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas tree stand decor

Anchor your Christmas tree with style using this tree stand. Beyond its practical use, this stand serves as a decorative foundation, enhancing the beauty of your tree. With its appealing design, it complements the festive ornaments and twinkling lights.

37. Muti-Layered Santa’s Home Scene 

Christmas crafts to sell: multi-layered Santa's home scene

Step into the festive ambiance with this detailed representation of Santa’s home. Multiple layers reveal the North Pole’s magic, highlighting spirited elves and the warm glow from Santa's workshop. 

This creation captivates with its rich narrative. It may seem complex, but things get easier when you find the right laser cut files

38. Christmas Hanging 3D Snowflakes

Christmas crafts to sell: hanging 3d snowflakes

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

These 3D snowflakes shimmer with a golden hue, which captures the essence of winter’s beauty. Suspended in mid-air, they dance gracefully, reflecting light in a mesmerizing pattern. They are a festive addition that brings a dash of winter wonder to any space.

39. Gold Christmas Reindeer Drink Toppers

Christmas crafts to sell: drink toppers

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

Elevate your festive beverages with these gold reindeer drink toppers. They sit elegantly atop your drinks, casting a silhouette of Christmas magic. They are perfect for holiday parties, and a great way to celebrate Christmas.

40. Christmas Tree Stickers

Christmas crafts to sell: stickers

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

Christmas tree stickers are designed to brighten up your Christmas festivities. Available in multiple colors, they are ideal for sealing gifts, decorating cards, or adding a festive flair to any surface. They are a simple way to spread holiday cheer. It’s the most simple yet profitable craft for the Christmas.

41. Christmas Tree Table Confetti

Christmas crafts to sell: table confetti

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

Sprinkle a bit of festive joy with tree table confetti. These tiny trees, when scattered across your holiday table, create a merry atmosphere. They are a perfect décor for any Christmas gathering. A delightful detail that guests will adore.

42. Christmas Place Cards

Christmas crafts to sell: place cards

©WhiteCollarWorkshop – Etsy

Setting a festive table requires attention to detail. And Christmas place cards are the epitome of that. Beyond their practicality, they are a testament to the spirit of the season, intertwining tradition with contemporary design. The result is a dining experience where every guest feels cherished and part of the celebration.

43. Custom Christmas Stocking Name Tags 

Christmas crafts to sell: custom stocking name tags

©WhiteCollarWorkshop – Etsy

The age-old tradition of hanging stockings gets a modern twist with these custom name tags. You no longer have to ponder over which stocking belongs to whom, thanks to these tags. Each tag is adorned with festive designs and personalized names. It’s a keepsake that enhances the holiday decor and evokes memories of Christmases past and present.

44. Personalized Christmas Eve Gift Box

Christmas crafts to sell: Christmas eve gift box

©LuckandLuck – Etsy

The night before Christmas is filled with wonder, and this personalized gift box captures that magic. Tailored to your preferences, the box promises a world of surprises. Whether it’s a pack of candies, a cherished book, or a family heirloom, the contents set the stage for the joyous day ahead.

45. Gingerbread Tiered Tray Set

Christmas crafts to sell: gingerbread tiered tray set

©RusticWillowSIgsn – Etsy

The aroma of gingerbread is synonymous with Christmas, and this tiered tray set brings that essence to life. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it’s a nod to the traditions that make the season special.

Whether you are hosting a grand feast or a cozy gathering, this set promises to be the centerpiece, drawing admiration from all.


So, our crafts journey comes to an end. We have explored a diverse range of Christmas crafts that can light up the festive season and also bring in a tidy profit. From the charm of wooden decorations to the allure of personalized items, there is something every craft enthusiast can consider.

ZBAITU laser cutting and engraving machine plays a pivotal role in this crafting journey. Our compact tools simplify the crafting process, ensure precision, and foster creativity. Whether you want to create crafts for yourself or sell them for profit, ZBAITU provides the support you need to bring your Christmas craft visions to life.

As the holiday season inches closer, it is the perfect time to harness the potential of these crafts. With the right tools and a sprinkle of creativity, the world of DIY Christmas crafts awaits you.


What Handmade items best sell at Christmas?

During the festive season, some of the most sought-after handmade items include Advent/countdown calendars, gingerbread house kits, garlands, and holiday gift tags. 

These crafts capture the essence of Christmas and are always in demand. You can go through our list to get design inspirations for these best-selling crafts.

What sells fast at Christmas?

Items that typically fly off the shelves during Christmas are personalized ornaments, festive home decor, unique gift sets, and handcrafted jewelry. Their popularity stems from their ability to add a personal touch to the holiday celebration.

How to make and sell Christmas crafts for profit? 

To profit from selling Christmas crafts, start by researching current holiday craft trends (use our list). Then, invest in quality materials and focus on creating unique, high-quality items. Pricing should be competitive. Promotion is the key, so utilize social media, craft fairs, and online marketplaces. Offer special deals or bundles to attract a larger customer base.

For more questions. Please join our Facebook group to get inspired!