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15 Creative Pumpkin Craft Ideas for Fall 2023

fresh fall breeze starts to work its magic. Autumn's arrival ushers in a season of inviting get-togethers, brilliant foliage, and, of course, the joy of crafting. 

Pumpkins and Pumpkin crafts are a recurring topic during this creative fall season. They are the ideal medium for crafters to explore their artistic impulses because these popular autumnal emblems arouse feelings of coziness and nostalgia.

It's no surprise that creativity is on the rise at this time of year given how popular pumpkin project ideas have become in homes and hearts. The most efficient tool that has made a mark in the context of cutting, crafting and carving is the laser cutting machine.

Pumpkin Craft Ideas

1. Pumpkin Themed Candy Packets

pumpkin crafts: felt pumpkin-themed candy packets

These “felt” candy packets will look captivating when different candy flavours start accumulating in them. These pumpkin-themed candy packets which are made by laser cutting, will elevate the atmosphere of the fall season. This pumpkin craft is incredibly customizable, and you can change the colours according to your needs.  

2. Pumpkin Earring Stand 

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-shaped earring stands

Give importance to the beauty of your earrings by placing them on this pumpkin-themed wooden earring stand which is one of the most beautiful pumpkin craft ideas. This laser-cut pumpkin-style decoration will enhance the spirit of fall. Placed indoor or outdoor, they will surely create the mood for the embrace of autumn.

3. Pumpkin-Shaped Earrings 

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-shaped earrings

These plastic earrings are certainly a fine piece of pumpkin craft manufactured using laser technology. Bringing in a touch of beauty and finesse, these earrings will surely make your fall season memorable. You can customize it according to the size and colour you like.

4. Pumpkin Candle Box

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin candle boxes

One of the best pumpkin craft ideas is the Pumpkin Paper Candle Box, which is crafted with laser-cutting precision and will provide your room with a nice glow. With every flicker, it celebrates the spirit of fall and offers a special way to add warmth and style to your surroundings.

5. Pumpkin Place Mats

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin place mats


This fine pumpkin place mat surely is an incredible piece of pumpkin craft. Precisely crafted using laser technology, it is made of MDF board and is quite alluring for the personal settings of your table. This placemat adds to the calmness of the fall season and is a good addition to your home decoration.

6. Pumpkin-shaped Standing 

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-shaped standings

A pumpkin-shaped MDF board stand, which is expertly created using laser technology, will add a touch of autumnal enchantment to your house. The silhouette of a pumpkin adds a touch of fall seasonality and is an appealing complement to both indoor and outdoor areas.

7. Pumpkin Wooden Hangings

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin wooden hangings

Efficiently manufactured with laser technology, these captivating pumpkin handing décors will lighten up your mood, giving you refreshing autumn vibes. Having them hanging on the walls of your home or workplace will surely display a positive outlook of your place. 

8. Pumpkin Feeder

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin feeder

This elegant feeder board is a unique pumpkin craft idea manufactured using Laser cutting technology. Beautifully crafted wooden board has a lot of creativity and ease of use to offer. You can place feeders of your sweet ones and get a good feel of the fall season by the pumpkin theme.

9. 3D Pumpkins for Tabletop

pumpkin crafts: 3d pumpkins for tabletop

Place these 3D pumpkin crafts on your table and fill your place with the essence of the fall season. Made of wood, this fun addition to the pumpkin pattern transforms it into a compelling focal piece. Made by laser cutting technology, this pumpkin project idea will elevate the look of your table. 

10. Pumpkin Themed LED lantern 

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-themed led lanterns

Artistically crafted pumpkin lanterns having a touch of autumn will make your place look brighter. Precisely made of cardboard using laser technology, this pumpkin-themed lantern has beauty in its every fold. This pumpkin craft will enlighten your home with optimism and glow.

11. Pumpkin-shaped Garlands 

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-shaped garlands


This creative piece of pumpkin craft idea is made of paper, utilizing laser technology. They can be hung anywhere giving an artistic autumnal vibe to your place. Make it your own, according to your personal taste, and see how the warmth of the season helps your treasured memories grow. 

12. Pumpkin-themed Place Cards

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin-themed place cards


Skillfully crafted using laser technology these pumpkin-themed place cards are made of MDF board. They provide a joyous display to your dining table, giving an ideal touch of the fall season. These can be customized according to your desire and creative touch.

13. Pumpkin Door Hangers

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin door hangers


Welcome the upcoming charm of fall with these creative Pumpkin wooden door hangers. Make your entrance cheerful this fall with this amazing pumpkin craft project which is made by using laser cutting technology. 

14. Pumpkin Luminaries

pumpkin crafts: pumpkin luminaries

Efficiently crafted using laser technology pumpkin luminaries will make your fall season wholesome and will become a beautiful example of DIY pumpkin décor. The customizable features of these acrylic luminaries will enlighten your home with optimism and glow. 

15. Halloween Pumpkin Silhouette Wall Clock

pumpkin crafts: halloween pumpkin silhouette wall clock

©SolPixieDust - Etsy

The pumpkin wooden wall clock is another lovely pumpkin project idea that was meticulously created utilizing laser cutting abilities. This useful pumpkin craft that also keeps precise time has elaborate pumpkin motifs. Your living space gets a touch of seasonal joy from the fun pumpkin pattern and the raw beauty of the wood.


In conclusion, Pumpkin crafts are transformed by laser cutting technology, which provides fine cuts, complex designs, and a variety of materials. By using laser technology one can understand that it can give us a lot of ideas and space for imagination. One should experiment with various materials and laser-related techniques to improve their pumpkin craft. Combining materials like fabric, acrylic, Felt, MDF and wood brings you new technical possibilities and inspires creativity for totally original works of art.

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